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An Introduction to Dog Beds

Most adult dogs have the potential to sleep for between 12 to 14 hours per day, while puppies can sleep for about 18 hours. A dog bed can be the solution to ensuring your pet gets the sleep they deserve.

In the following blog, we'll explain what dog beds are, discuss how to utilize dog beds in the household appropriately, and share some helpful insight into purchasing the best bed to meet your dog's needs.

What is a dog bed?
A dog bed is a padded spot that your pet can conveniently access when they feel like getting some rest. Buying your pup a personal bed will provide them with a designated space to relax, instead of settling for the floor or furniture.

Including dog beds in the household can be beneficial to owners who plan on crate training their pet. Once your dog regularly uses their bed, you can move it into the crate to get them used to sleeping in it. If your pet is often found napping on the floor, then you may also want to purchase a bed to help avoid joint-related issues from forming in your furry friend.

Do dogs need beds?
A dog bed allows your dog to sleep without interruption in a comfy spot just for them. Pups who end up on the couch or your bed may be woken up several times as members of the household sit or leave your pet's sleeping space.

Providing your four-legged friend with a soft bed will also give them the support they need for their joints as they age. The bed acts as a cushion from hard flooring and can even relieve some of the pain that older dogs can experience

How many dog beds should a dog have?
The number of dog beds required in a household depends on the size of your home and the spaces your dog can access. Your pup can benefit from having additional beds if they live in houses with multiple floors.

It's also a good idea to keep a spare dog bed on hand to use when cleaning your pet’s dirty bed. Having an extra sleeping space available will allow you to quickly replace your dog's bed and let them sleep in a clean, cozy environment.

Where to place a dog bed
Generally speaking, it's ideal for your dog to have access to a dog bed in the rooms of a house where family members spend the most time. Placing a dog bed in these locations will ensure your pup stays comfortable while hanging with their family.

You can also put beds in sections of the house where you want your dog to sleep. Intentionally placing a dog bed in the master bedroom or living room will help encourage your pet to sleep in that particular location, instead of developing their own preferences.


Dog next to the fire in duck egg tweed crate set

What are dog beds made of?
Dog beds can be made from several different types of materials, depending on the aesthetic and price of the bed. Some beds are created with fabrics such as velvet or cotton, and the pillow used on a dog bed may be lined with faux fur or fleece. You can even purchase beds for your pet made with oak frames and rattan materials.

Some beds are specifically designed to benefit dogs with certain issues. Older pets with weaker bladders can benefit from dog beds made from a waterproof polyester material. Many types of beds also come with covers and cushion liners that you can remove and separately wash.

How often to replace a dog bed
Your dog’s size and energy level are factors that influence how fast their beds will be worn down. The life of your dog bed can be prolonged with periodic cleaning and cover replacements, though you should still watch out for rips, unnatural indents, or flattened cushions.

You should purchase a new bed for your pet once the old sleeping space doesn't offer the same support it initially provided. If you notice your dog is constantly avoiding their bed and using other spots to nap, then it's likely time to say goodbye to the old bed.

What dog bed to buy
When picking a bed for your pup, your first priority is to make sure the bed is big enough to accommodate their size. Larger breeds will require larger beds to enjoy the benefits offered by their new sleeping location.

You may also want a dog bed that matches the style of your household to avoid clashing aesthetics. Thankfully, there are several colors, patterns and materials to choose from to help you find a suitable dog bed for your rooms.

Dog beds play an important role in providing your dog with the sleep and relaxation they deserve. The beds are used to prevent dogs from sleeping on hard flooring and to keep your pup comfortable as they age. When choosing your pet's future bed, be sure to find one that balances their needs and your visual preferences.

Fluffy dog snuggled into a mulberry tweed box bed

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