Collection Spolight: Bouclé

Collection Spolight: Bouclé

Here at L&L we’ve been obsessing over the most beautiful Bouclé interior pieces and we just knew we had to create a luxe Bouclé collection of all our favourite L&L pieces. Bouclé: The Luxe Collection comes in three different colorways: Ivory, Mink and Granite. All three colors will be stunning additions to any pet owner’s home.

This post explores what Bouclé is, its history, our inspiration and we will introduce you to our new Bouclé collection.

What is Bouclé

3 Bouclé Cushions stacked on top of each other in Mink, Ivory and Granite

Pictured: Pictured: Bouclé Granite, Ivory and Mink Crate Cushions 

The word Bouclé is French and roughly translates to ‘loop’ or ‘curly’, Bouclé is a fabric made from looped yarn. The yarn is spun using two strands with different tensions, the varying tensions create the textured loops we associate with Bouclé.

As a fabric Bouclé is super versatile, it’s hard-wearing nature makes it durable but it’s also soft to the touch making it the perfect pet bedding choice. Bouclé has a low liquid absorption level due to the way the yarns are weaved together, this means accidents won’t soak into Bouclé as much as they might with another fabric. The uneven, looped texture is super soft to the touch, we’re so obsessed with the texture this fabric can add to an interior to help give depth and that all-important cozy feeling.

The tactile texture of Bouclé has made it irresistible for interior lovers and it’s set to be a hit for the next few seasons. If you’re looking for an alternative to the plush velvets we’ve been seeing the last few years, Bouclé might be the one for you. It really takes the everyday to something stunningly luxurious.

History of Bouclé

Bouclé can be traced back to the late 1940’s to Saarinen’s ‘womb chair’. Eero Saarinen was tasked with creating the perfect chair to curl up and met the brief with creating the stunning fabric we now know as Bouclé.

From here Bouclé became the fabric of choice for the likes of Coco Chanel and Jackie O. Bouclé covered everything from clothing to furniture during the mid-century.

Over the past few decades, we’ve seen Bouclé’s popularity both rise and fall, but now it’s making a roaring return. We think our Bouclé: The Luxe Collection is a sensation way to add that cloud-like cosiness to your home.

Our inspiration

Bouclé inspiration moodboard

Pictured: Bouclé Inspiration Moodboard

At Lords and Labradors, we love creating products that are practical for you and your pets but that also look beautiful in your homes. When we saw that Bouclé was making a come-back we just knew that we had to create a cloud-like collection for all your pets to cocoon in.

Our Bouclé collection comes in three colors: Ivory, Mink and Granite. The Ivory color is what we fell in love with on Instagram and in interior magazines, it really does look like a cloud! However, we knew that we wanted to create a range of colors so that there were options for every interior style – this is where our Mink and Granite colorways come in.

Mink is a beautiful in-between colour that all the neutral lovers are sure to love. It will suit so many colorschemes and is a great was to add texture and depth to more parred back interiors.

Granite is a gorgeous grey, the darker tone really helps to emphasise the iconic loops and curls in the Bouclé texture. Granite is great for people who love a darker color scheme or for those looking to add some contrast into their neutral interiors.

No matter which of the three Bouclé colours you go for we’re certain that it will be a stunning addition to your home. Get to know our Bouclé collection below and then you can start adding your favorites to your basket or wishlist!

Meet the Bouclé family

Cage Bedding and Sets

Black and Tan Dachshund sleeping in an ivory Bouclé cage set

Pictured:  Ivory Bouclé Cage Set with a Black Cage

Our cage bedding is one of our staple L&L products and we just knew that the Bouclé fabric would look stunning in our cage sets. Bouclé really helps to elevate cages from being unsightly to a luxury interior addition as well as a cozy den for your dogs to snooze in. Our cage sets are perfect for mixing and matching to suit your dogs needs, whether your want a cover, bumper, cushion or the full set your dog is sure to love their relaxing retreats in their cage. All of our Cage sets are lovingly handmade in our beautiful English Countryside workshops so you can be sure they will be of the best quality.

Our cage sets come in 5 sizes so you can be sure to find the perfect fit for your pooch. Our cage sets have four pieces, cage, cover, cushion and bumper. The deluxe cages come in 3 colors, black, silver and gold, and have thicker bars than standard crates making them more durable and robust. The cages can then be paired with a cover which is fully lined to help block out light to ensure your dog gets into a good night time routine. The cushions are super plump and made to fit perfectly in our cages, they can be used both in a cage or as a stand-alone bed. The final piece of our cage set is our bumpers, these create a cozy wall around the edge of the cage for your dog to cuddle up in. If you already have a cage, all the items are available to order individually as well.

High Wall Beds 

A white Coton De Tulear in a granite high wall Bouclé bed

Pictured: Granite High Wall Bed, Bandana and Blanket

Our high wall beds are truly tried and tested products that have proven themselves to be super practical for dogs who love to snuggle. The raised sides are perfect for dogs who love resting their head and getting cozy in their bed. All of our beds and cage sets are personalizable if you email us at with the name you would like and your order number. All of our Bouclé beds are machine washable at 30 degrees so are easy to clean.

Box Beds

A tan and white Jack Russell in a mink Bouclé box bed

Pictured: Mink Bouclé Box Bed, Bandana and Blanket

Our box beds are great for dogs who like a little more space to stretch out. The cushioned sides are super soft so are perfect for snuggly dogs who like a little more head support. The inner cushion is reversible, one side has the gorgeous Bouclé fabric on and the other is covered with our cozy teddy fleece.

Cozy and Calming beds 

A mink Bouclé cozy and calm bed in a gold cage
Pictured: Mink Cozy and Calm Puppy bed in a gold cage

Our Cozy and calm beds are the perfect bed for any new puppy additions. They have been designed to work both as a stand-alone bed and cage, the beds fill half a cage so are perfect for cage training your puppy. The beds are designed to cocoon the puppy so they feel safe and secure and the Bouclé fabric will really make them feel like they’re lying on a cloud.

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