Do Dogs Need Blankets?

Do Dogs Need Blankets?

Blankets give us an added layer of comfort as we sleep and help keep us warm through the night. Like people, dogs also use blankets as a way of staying warm and cozy while they slumber. However, there are some differences between humans and pups when it comes to how we use our sheets.

In this article, we’ll educate you on why blankets are essential to our four-legged friends, and we’ll answer some common safety questions about dog blankets.

Do blankets keep dogs warm?
A blanket is a soft and snuggly item that helps our dogs stay warm, just like it would a human. Despite having fur, your dog can still increase their warmth by cuddling up with a blanket. Be sure to give your pet a sheet made from breathable material to ensure they don’t have trouble breathing while using the blanket. If your pooch has an outdoor dog house, you can also use blankets to insulate the interior of the structure.

Does my dog need a blanket at night?
Dog blankets provide more than just a reliable source of warmth for your pet. Many canines view their blankets as a comforting item that gives them a sense of security. The sheet can also be used as a comfy barrier between your dog and the floor underneath them, offering them a warmer alternative to lying on top of materials like tile or wood paneling. If your pooch often chews on non-food items, you can give them a durable, bite-resistant blanket to gnaw on, in addition to chew toys.

Do dogs need blankets when they sleep?
In the wild, dogs created natural dens for themselves out of grass and leaves to make a comfortable sleeping space. You’ve likely seen your pet mimic this instinctual behavior by circling and scratching at their bed before going to sleep. Blankets help dogs simulate natural dens, which makes them feel more secure. You can also add your scent to the sheet to give your dog some additional comfort through the night.

Do dogs like blankets in winter?
While some dogs, like Siberian Huskies, are built for cold weather conditions, there are still many breeds with thinner coats that require more protection from the cold. Smaller dogs, such as Chihuahuas, will need extra help with keeping warm and can benefit from having a blanket. Cold temperatures also negatively impact dogs with existing joint pain, so it’s important to make sure they stay warm through the winter. Even if your home has a heater for controlling the interior temperature, a blanket will still assist your pooch with maintaining heat.

Cocker spaniel tucked under a faux fur and velvet blanket

Do dogs need blankets in summer?
Summer climates are typically warm enough to not warrant additional heat preservation for your pooch, though they still may want a warm blanket to cuddle with in air-conditioned houses. Regardless of temperature, it’s always a good idea to provide your pet with at least one blanket that they can use as they desire. Dogs will self-regulate when they feel uncomfortable, so if the blanket is too hot for them, they can take it off until they want it again.

Do dogs like heated blankets?
All dogs have varied preferences, making it important to let them use the heated blanket on their own terms. You can turn on the heated blanket and place it near your pet to see their reaction. Smaller pups will likely enjoy the additional heat when living in colder climates, while larger dogs with thicker coats don’t usually require the extra warmth. Canines with larger reserves of fat will also not require the warmth generated from heated blankets compared to leaner dogs.

Are heated blankets safe for dogs?
When giving your pooch a heated blanket, you should make sure the item is specifically designed for dogs. Heated dog blankets often come with safety features like chew-resistant cords, anti-electric shock fabric, and temperature control options to prevent your pup from hurting themselves. However, if your dog is prone to chewing objects, they shouldn’t be using a blanket with a cord. Following the guidelines provided by the manufacturer will help reduce the likelihood of harm to your furry friend. You may also contact your vet to double-check on whether or not the blanket is safe for your pet.

Can a dog overheat under blankets?
Despite your pet’s ability to thermoregulate, they do have a risk of overheating under blankets that aren’t breathable and are too heavy to quickly shake off. As long as your dog can remove itself from the sheet, there isn’t a significant risk of them overheating. Try to position your dog’s bed or crate away from heated objects in the household, such fireplaces and radiators. This will allow your pet to add or remove layers as needed to find their own comfortable temperature, without being forced to stay near the heat source.

Great Dane puppy wrapped up in grey spot blanket

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