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How To Clean Your Lords & Labradors Pet Bedding

Keeping your pet's bedding clean and smelling fresh is not only beneficial for you and your furry friend, but it also helps extend the life of their beloved bed. At Lords & Labradors, we understand the importance of being able to wash your pet's bedding, especially when they can get messy with muddy paws or hidden treats. 


Understanding Our Bedding Collections:

We offer two main bedding collections: the Essentials Collection (including our Plush, Herdwick, and Twill ranges) and the Core Collection (comprising of our signature ranges). Each collection requires different washing methods, so first, identify which collection your pet's bedding belongs to.


Cleaning Your Essentials Pet Bedding:

For our Essentials Plush & Twill beds, these are machine washable, while the rest of the Essentials collection should be spot washed only. Here are some expert tips for cleaning your Lords & Labradors Essentials beds:

Essentials Plush Cage Cushion, Bumpers & Sofa Toppers:

Spot wash these items by first vacuuming off any loose hair and dirt, paying attention to crevices. Use a clean cloth, warm water, and a mild pet-safe detergent to gently scrub dirty areas. Wipe away suds with another clean cloth and let it air dry. Prior to washing the entire bed, test the detergent on a discreet area to avoid any potential discoloration.

Norjack in a black metal dog cage with navy bedding


Essentials Plush Cage Cover:

You can machine wash our Essentials Plush cage covers by turning them inside out and using a gentle cycle at 20ºC. Air dry the fabric in a flat area away from direct sunlight, as this will prevent shrinkage. We recommend putting the cage cover back over the cage to help it keep its shape.

Essentials Plush Cage Cover


Essentials Herdwick Bed & Sleepeze:

For our Herdwick beds and Sleepeze, start by vacuuming loose hairs and dirt. If there's a removable inner cushion, clean it separately for better access to all corners of the bed. Use warm water mixed with a mild pet-safe detergent to gently scrub the bed, then wipe away suds and allow it to air dry. Test the detergent on a discreet spot before cleaning the entire bed.

Essentials Herdwick Den Bed


Washing Your Essentials Plush & Twill Beds:

All of our Plush & Twill beds are machine washable. To keep them fresh, begin by vacuuming away loose hair and dirt to prevent clogging the washing machine. For beds with removable covers or inner cushions, wash them separately. Use a gentle cycle at 20ºC and air dry the beds; avoid tumble drying to prevent shrinkage. Give the bed a good shake after drying to evenly distribute the filling.

Essentials Twill Oval Bed


Cleaning Your L&L Core Collection Pet Bedding:

Our Core Collection is entirely machine washable. Here are our expert tips to maintain its freshness:

L&L Cage Cover:

Turn the cover inside out and wash it on a gentle 20ºC cycle in the washing machine. Air dry the fabric in a flat area, away from direct sunlight, we recommend putting it back on the cage to help it keep its shape. You can cool-iron/steam the cover inside out to remove creases. 

Ivory Boucle Cage Cover


L&L Cage Cushion and Cage Bumpers:

Unzip the covers on your cushion and bumpers and remove the waterproof liner from the cushion. Wipe clean the waterproof liner and air out the cushion while washing the covers at 20ºC on a gentle cycle, inside out. Air dry the covers and avoid tumble drying.

Ivory Boucle Cage cushion and bumper


L&L Beds:

Wash your Lords & Labradors bed on a gentle 20ºC machine cycle to maintain its color. The fabric dries quickly, so a good airing and shake will have it ready for your pet to use again.

Savanna High Wall bed


L&L Blankets:

Pop your Lords & Labradors blanket into the washing machine on a gentle 20ºC cycle. Lay the blanket flat to dry, avoiding hot radiators and tumble drying.

Savanna Oatmeal Blanket


L&L Couch Toppers:

To wash your couch toppers, remove only the cover by unzipping the back and sliding the inner out. Turn the cover inside out and wash it on a gentle 20ºC cycle. Air dry the cover, and then return the beautiful couch topper to your comfortable couch.

Granite Boucle Sofa Topper

By following these expert tips, your Lords & Labradors pet bedding will remain clean, fresh, and ready to provide your furry companion with the utmost comfort for years to come. If you have any further questions or need assistance, do not hesitate to contact us; we're always happy to help.

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