How To Pick A Dog Bed

How To Pick A Dog Bed

Everybody knows a good night’s sleep is important, and the same goes for our furry friends. Providing your dog with a bed can give them a personalized sleeping space where they feel safe. With so many products to choose from, it can be difficult for those trying to find the best bed for their pup.

In this article, we’ll help you determine which pet beds are an appropriate match for your pooch by teaching you how to choose the right bed for your dog, what to look for during your search, and how to accurately measure your pet for their new bed.

How to choose the right dog bed
Your first priority when picking the perfect pet bed is making sure your dog will be comfortable while sleeping. Choose a bed your dog can easily lie on and pick materials best suited for the environment where you live.

The location of your dog’s bed also plays a significant role in your decision making. Crate-trained canines would benefit more from a cushion, while dogs without crates can use larger box beds. However, smaller-sized box beds are also available for smaller breeds of dogs that can fit in crates with ease. Dog owners in the process of potty training their pets may want to use water-resistant beds in case an accident occurs.

Dog beds come in a wide range of beautiful colors and patterns, allowing you to find the most suitable bed for your pooch without sacrificing style. Browse through images of the different dog bed designs available before making your final decision. Seeing the item takes the guesswork out of figuring out which bed will fit your aesthetic and will make a cohesive addition to the furniture in your home.

Personalised neutral tweed crate set

What makes a good dog bed?
A good dog bed strikes the right balance between providing your four-legged companion with the comfort they deserve and fitting your needs as the owner. The materials used in a dog bed should be soft and comfortable for your pooch, while also offering you the convenience of being machine washable. Your pet’s sleeping spot ought to support your pup while they snooze without being too bulky to move around the house.

Looking at the features and benefits of the dog bed is a good indication of the product’s quality. Consumer reviews are another handy tool for determining if the item in question will be a good fit for your pooch. That being said, the best reviewer of the bed is your pup, so be sure to watch how they interact with their new naptime nest to see if they feel comfortable when using the item.

It’s helpful to know your dog’s personality before settling on a final decision. If you have a playful puppy who likes to chew and jump on things, then you’d be better off leaning towards more durable products. Once you know where your pooch prefers to sleep, you can also have an easier time picking out a design to match their favorite room.

How to size a dog bed
When measuring your pup, the first step is determining their length. Start at the tip of their nose and go to the end of their tail while they’re standing up. It’s recommended to add at least six inches to ensure your dog has enough space in their bed. The width of your pooch can be measured by recording the distance between their shoulders and then adding another few inches. You might have an easier time measuring your dog by having them stand next to a wall and marking off the measurements with an erasable marker.

Your dog’s weight is another measurement you should take before browsing for beds. A larger pooch will need some extra support compared to lighter puppies. Elderly dogs may also require additional room and support from their beds to help with joint-related issues. Knowing the typical dimensions and weight of your pup’s breed can shed some light on which beds will be appropriate for them as they age.

Many dogs have a special sleep style that may influence which beds are right for their needs. Some pets might sprawl themselves out in all directions while they snooze, while others prefer to curl into a ball. Consider getting a larger bed for dogs who like sleeping with extended limbs and a round-shaped bed for the curlers. If you find that your pooch typically sleeps with their head resting against something for support, a bed with a higher wall would best suit their preferences.

two great dane puppies asleep in a grey spot cosy and calm bed

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