Luxury Dog Beds for All Home Decors – The L&L Luxury Bed Collection

Luxury Dog Beds for All Home Decors – The L&L Luxury Bed Collection

We understand wanting to pick a bed which is not only practical but also fits right in with your interior which is why we handcrafted our luxury dog beds collection. From trendy Bouclé’s to classic herringbones, we’re certain we will have the perfect luxury bed for your precious pooch and beautiful home. 

When designing our beds we look to combine practicality with good looks to create the perfect bed. Here we take you through our favourite beds in the range so all you have to do is pick which one to get!


The High Wall

Our High Wall beds have quickly become one of our most popular dog beds and it’s easy to see why. The high sides are perfect for snuggling up to and the round shape is great for dogs who love to curl up for that oh-so precious beauty sleep. Our high walls come in a range of fabrics but we particularly love our Bouclé fabric from our luxe collection. It comes in three beautiful colors, Ivory, Mink and Granite, and the textured loops of the fabric make it feel so luxurious. 


Pictured: Ivory Bouclé High Wall Bed


The Box Bed

Our box beds are great for the dogs who love to sprawl out, they come in four sizes so suit a range of breeds from Miniature Dachshunds to Great Danes. The inner cushion is reversible with a luxurious sherpa side for snuggling on them cold winter nights.

Our box beds come in all our signature fabrics, from traditional cozy tweeds to modern minimal savannas.


Two dalmations in a grey square dog bed

Pictured: Savanna Stone Box Bed


Cozy & Calming Puppy Cage Bed

Getting a new puppy?  Then our Cozy & Calming Puppy Crate Beds are for you! They’ve been designed to fill half of your dogs cage so are perfect for cage training your dog. They also have a non-slip base so can be used outside the cage as a stand-alone bed. We’ve made them in our signature fabrics so if you’re looking to cage train you can match them to our cage covers to create ultimate puppy cage set-up. Some of our favourites are our Regency Stripe and Granite Bouclé fabrics, they’re perfect for puppy naps!


Regency Stripe Cozy and Calming Puppy Cage Bed

Pictured: Regency Stripe Personalised Cozy and Calming Puppy Cage Bed


Dog Cushions

Our dog cushions are perfect for dogs who like a little more space. They’ve been designed to fill our Lords & Labradors Heavy Duty Cages but also work well as a stand alone bed. They can be personalised with your dog’s name for the extra-special touch. 

All of our cushions and beds are filled with hollow fibre made from recycled plastic bottles so not only are they good for your dog but they’re great for the environment too!

Our cushions feature a removable covers which are machine washable so are perfect for any messy pups out there!

Schnauzer on natural herringbone cushion

Pictured: Natural Herringbone Personalised Dog Cushion

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