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Our expert guide to setting up and caring for your dog’s cage

Introducing a new puppy to your home is an exciting time, but it comes with its own set of challenges. One key training decision you will need to make when welcoming a puppy into your family is whether to cage train them. A well-designed cage can provide a safe haven for your pup by appealing to their den building instincts, it can aid in toilet training, and will help you establish a consistent bedtime routine. Let's explore the art of creating the perfect cage set-up for your new furry friend, ensuring they feel secure and comfortable from day one, as well as looking at how best to care for your Lords & Labradors cage bedding so it can last your pup for years to come.

The Benefits of Cage Training

After a lifetime of both owning and breeding dogs our owner and founder, Johanna, and has spent years perfecting our cage bedding after struggling to find the perfect cage set up to cage train her own puppies.

“Cage training your puppy will have lots of advantages, helping them to settle and feel safe in their home as well getting them into a consistent bedtime routine”, says Johanna, “The perfect cage for a puppy will feel safe, warm and cozy. It’s important that it’s inviting so that they feel compelled to use it.”

Keep reading to find out our top recommendations for setting up the perfect cage for both puppies and adult dogs alike.


Crafting the Ideal Cage Set-Up for Your Puppy

1. Dog Cage

Gold dog cage

Naturally a dog cage is a necessity when cage training your pup but here at Lords & Labradors we’ve designed our deluxe dog cages with longevity and quality in mind so it can last your pup well into adulthood when it have become their favorite den. The bars on our cage are thicker than standard cages making it more heavy duty, it also has a metal floor tray that easy to wipe clean and more durable than the standard plastic trays you get in the majority of dog cages. Our cages also feature two doors for easy access, both featuring heavy duty latches. Our cages also come in three colours, black, gold and silver, so whatever your home interior we will have one to match.


2. Cage Cover

Red dachsund in a dog cage with a navy cage cover

A cage cover serves as more than just a decorative piece—it creates a cozy sanctuary for your pup. Our stylish cage covers not only add flair to your home decor but also offer a snug environment for your furry companion. Equipped with roll-down doors, they help signal bedtime and morning routines, fostering a sense of consistency for your puppy. The darkness of the cage once the doors are rolled down will also appeal to your puppies den building instincts. Plus, they're machine washable, ensuring convenience and hygiene, especially during those messy puppy days.


3. Cozy & Calming Puppy Crate Bed

Labrador puppy sleeping in a cage cover

Our next must have is one of our specially designed cozy and calming cage beds cater to your puppy's comfort and cage training needs. Tailored to fit perfectly within half of the cage, these beds come in a range of delightful prints and feature a reversible cushion pad for added luxury. With half the crate dedicated to the bed and the other half to essentials like puppy pads and water bowls, our beds provide the ultimate blend of coziness and functionality.


4. Puppy Pads

Ridgeback puppies sleeping

While accidents are inevitable during the early stages of potty training, puppy pads offer a practical solution. Placing a pad in one half of the cage ensures that any mishaps are contained, keeping your puppy's sleeping area clean and dry. Remember, consistency and patience are key when it comes to potty training—puppy pads are simply a helpful tool along the way.


5. Cage Bowls

Ensure your puppy stays hydrated by attaching a bowl to the walls of their cage. This prevents spills and keeps their water accessible at all times, promoting healthy hydration habits.


Transitioning to an Adult Dog Cage Set-Up

“As your puppy grows and becomes accustomed to their cage, it's essential to adjust their environment accordingly” says Johanna.

Here's her top recommendations for transitioning from puppy accessories to a more mature set-up:

1. Cage Cushion

Cavapoo sleeping in a dog cage with a cushion

Upgrade to our luxurious cage cushions designed to fit seamlessly within the cage. Available in a variety of chic fabrics, these cushions provide both style and comfort for your adult dog's den. They have removable covers make them easy to keep clean and are made with an extra deep hollow fibre filling so are supportive for your dog’s joints as they grow.

2. Cage Bumper

Dog sleeping in a dog cage with a cushion and bumper

For added comfort, invest in our plush cage bumpers. These soft barriers line the crate walls, offering a cozy spot for your dog to rest their head and limbs.

3. Cage Cover

Dog in a dog cage with a cage set on

Maintain your routine with our roll-down cage covers, signalling to your dog when it's time to unwind. Fully lined to block out light, they create a peaceful atmosphere for restful sleep.

Did you know you can buy our cage bedding in a handy set? It comes with one of our deluxe dog cages in a colour of your choice, as well as the cover, cushion and bumper in whichever one of our stylish fabrics you choose. Explore our luxury cage sets here.

Caring for Your Cage Set-Up

To ensure your crate set lasts for years to come, follow these simple maintenance tips:

Cage Maintenance

Our sturdy metal cages are easy to clean—simply wipe them down with a damp cloth. Ensure the cage is thoroughly dry to prevent rusting before allowing your pet back inside.

Cushion & Bumper Covers

For your cushions and bumpers simply remove the covers, machine wash on a gentle cycle and air dry to preserve their quality. Spot clean non-removable covers as needed to keep them fresh and tidy.

Cage Covers

Machine washable cage covers should washed on a gentle cycle and be air-dried to maintain their shape and prevent shrinkage. Our quick-drying fabrics ensure minimal downtime between washes. We recommend putting them over your dog’s cage whilst they are drying to help them keep their shape.

Cushion and Bumper Inners

Protected by waterproof interlinings, our cushion and bumper inners require minimal maintenance. Simply wipe them down with a mild pet-safe detergent as needed.

Cozy and Calming Puppy Cage Bed

Our puppy beds are fully machine washable for easy care. After washing on a gentle cycle, shake and plump the cushion back into shape and air dry for a fresh, inviting bed.

By following these care instructions, your cage set will remain a cherished sanctuary for your pet, providing comfort and security for years to come.

In conclusion, cage training can be a valuable tool for acclimating your puppy to their new home and establishing healthy routines. With the right set-up and maintenance, your puppy's cage can become a beloved retreat where they feel safe, secure, and loved as a puppy through to adult-hood.

Here at Lords & Labradors bedding is our speciality, our core bedding collection is designed with your pet in mind before being carefully handcrafted by our talented seamstresses. Explore our luxurious crate bedding today and give your dog the gift of a paw—fact nights sleep.

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