Everything you need for your Labrador Retriever puppy

Everything you need for your Labrador Retriever puppy

The kind-hearted, sociable Labrador has been America’s most popular dog breed for the last 3 years, and it’s easy to see why. Labs are friendly companions who make great additions to families looking for a medium-to-large affectionate dog. Depending on the sex, your sturdy Lab can stand from 21.5-24.5 inches, so getting the correct goods for your puppy is important and will save you having to re-buy as your lovely Lab grows.

Your Lab is an enthusiastic pup who requires lots of exercise, they’ll need you to keep them occupied with games of fetch and swimming to keep them physically and mentally fit. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of all the essentials you’ll need for your Labrador Retriever puppy.


What bed to buy for my Labrador Retriever puppy

If you’re choosing to crate train your puppy, we’d recommend doing so as soon as they arrive home. An extra-large size dog crate will last until they’re fully grown. You can upgrade your crate to a cozy den for your pup by adding a crate cover, bumper, and cushion. A crate will keep your puppy safe whilst also stopping them from gnawing on your furniture. If your pup isn’t potty trained yet, their crate can also aid potty training too, choose to opt for a cosy & calm puppy crate bed instead with a quality pack of Lords and Labradors puppy training pads.


Two great dane puppys sleeping in a cosy and calm puppy bed



Keeping your Labrador Retriever puppy healthy

Your pup will be an energetic Lab and will need lots of exercise every day. If your Lab doesn’t get enough exercise, they’ll likely release their pent-up energy in hyperactive and/or destructive behavior. Historically the breed loves retrieving and swimming, invest in some great puppy toys so you can play fetch with your new puppy. Gently expose your puppy to a wide variety of people, places, and situations between the ages of 7 weeks and 4 months and begin obedience training early to get your puppy equipped to be a well-mannered adult Labrador. Remember your Lab is devoted and intelligent, and they’ll love nothing more than being included in your family activities.


Can I dress my Labrador Retriever puppy up?

Clothes aren’t just a style choice; they can be necessary for your pup too. Depending on where you live and the weather, your puppy may need a jacket when venturing outdoors. Why not check out our doggy apparel, you’ll be sure to find something to suit your pups style.

What to buy in time for your Labrador Retriever puppy’s arrival

  • A crate (if crate training)
  • Suitable bedding – a cozy den or a cosy & calm puppy crate bed
  • An adjustable collar and/or harness with a lead
  • Puppy Toys suitable for fetch
  • Food and water bowls
  • Puppy Training Pads for potty training
  • Puppy safe shampoo
  • A slicker brush to remove any loose hair
  • Blankets that smell like their litter mates
  • Blankets that smell like you & your home

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This isn’t a definitive list, but rather some top suggestions that we know you’ll need for your Labrador puppy. If you have any questions, please get in touch, we love hearing from you!

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