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Lords & Labradors

Lords & Labradors Essentials Twill Crate Mat Linen

Lords & Labradors Essentials Twill Crate Mat Linen

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• Foam filled mattress, perfect to line the base of a crate!
• Plush fur top for snuggling into

• Reversible with canvas fabric on the other side
• Beautiful linen colour 
• Removable cover can be machine washed
• Hand made in Italy

• Available in five sizes - Made to fit our L&L crates!

Small - Length 60cm, Width 45cm
Recommended for Chihuahua, Pomeranians, Pugs

Medium – Length 75cm, Width 47cm
Recommended for Jack Russells, Dachshunds, Border Terriers

Large – Length 91cm, Width 58cm
Recommended for Cockapoos, Springer Spaniels, Bulldogs

Extra Large – Length 106cm, Width 70cm
Recommended for Dalmatians, Labradors, English Bull Terriers

Extra Extra Large – Length 121cm, Width 76cm
Recommended for German Shepherds, German Pointers, Bullmastiffs

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